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Move tons of data with a single finger.

Seamless Automation to the Rescue

Free yourself from piles of paper and hand-keying errors—for free. The Viewpost® Sync Agent seamlessly integrates invoice and payments data between your accounting software and your Viewpost account, or vice-versa, at no cost to you or your trading partners. Best of all, this means you don't have to change approvals and workflow to use Viewpost. With sync it's not only complementary, it's complimentary.

  • Suppliers Save Time and the Cost of EDI Fees

    Update your accounts receivable data at the touch of a button, freeing up time to focus on business strategy and keep your clients happy. How better to take control of your day.

    • Download the corresponding Viewpost Sync Agent, for free
    • Create electronic invoices in your accounting software, sync up to Viewpost and send to buyers, for free
    • Sync electronic deposit information down to your accounting software, for free
    • Untether yourself from the busy work of business
  • Buyers Save Time and Streamline Payables

    Ease the pain of spending too much time making payments. It may be your job to pay suppliers, but it's no one's job to waste time with redundant efforts and correcting errors. Let's simplify the job and liberate you.

    • Receive electronic invoices via Viewpost or enter bills and sync them down to your accounting software, for free
    • Sync sent payment data back down to your accounting software, for free
    • Sync electronic payment data to Viewpost and share with your suppliers on the network to eliminate time-consuming phone calls
    • Harness the power of automation

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