Free Invoice Tracking

There's a new currency in town, and it's called certainty.

Create Electronic Invoices

At no cost to you or your buyers, deliver digital invoices over the Viewpost® network at the touch of a button. Talk about smart business.

  • Create and send electronic invoices directly from Viewpost, for free
  • Sync invoice data from your accounting software up to Viewpost and send, for free
  • From anywhere, at anytime, on any web-enabled device
  • Say goodbye to third-party portals and EDI fees

Download Viewpost Invoice, our iOS mobile app for invoicing on the go. (Android app in development)

Learn More about Syncing to Accounting Software

See the Status with Invoice Tracking

Managing your cash flow is easier when you can see what your invoices are up to. In a way, visibility is the big payoff.

  • Track the status of invoices, for free
  • Know when and how much you'll be paid, for free
  • From anywhere, at anytime, on any web-enabled device
  • Save time, effort and reams of hassle

Access the Cash Tied Up in Your Invoices

When you need cash to keep business running, ask for an
early payment from your trading partners on Viewpost in exchange for a discount. It's liquidity, with all-new fluidity.

  • Set your discount terms and send your invoices with request for early payment
  • Or, see which of your buyers offer early payment for a discount
  • Know which invoices are approved for early payment
  • Access cashto keep business flowing
Learn More about Early Payments and Dynamic Discounting

Receive Electronic Deposit without a Viewpost Fee

Watch your hard-earned payments move into your company bank account from your buyer's account. If you don't have to wait for checks to arrive in the mail, why wait to join?

  • Connect your company bank account to the secure Viewpost network
  • No need to share confidential credit card or account information with your trading partners
  • Receive electronic deposit for free through Viewpost
  • Save on the time and cost of waiting for paper checks to arrive and be deposited

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