Dynamic Discounting for Online Payments

Controlling your cash flow has never been this fluid.

Everyone Benefits from Dynamic Discounting

For suppliers and buyers alike, the Viewpost® network creates opportunities for better cash flow management and cash distribution. The concept is simple: Suppliers can set custom terms on invoices and send them to buyers, requesting early payment in exchange for a discount. Likewise, buyers can broadcast a willingness to pay early on approved invoices (bills) and suppliers can see their terms, agree to the discount amount, and request early payment on demand when they choose. Either way, once both trading partners have approved an early payment, the funds are sent with seamless automation and ease, giving suppliers access to the cash they need, while buyers may earn risk-free returns.

Suppliers Access a New Source of Cash

Keep business moving by accelerating funds to cover payroll, make repairs or add equipment. Knowing your options in real-time is as simple as looking at your Viewpost dashboard.

  • Set your invoice terms or accept a buyer’s terms to request early payment in exchange for a discount
  • Send early payment requests for approved invoices at the touch of a button
  • Receive electronic deposit into your bank account from your buyer's account
  • Do a happy dance (then get back to business)

Buyers Save and Earn Risk-Free Returns

Optimize returns on your company's idle cash by offering early payment at a discount on your terms or by accepting the terms of your supplier. Create your own discount tables and assign by invoice, by vendor, by category, by PO—however you choose.

  • Create custom discount tables and apply them to approved payable invoices
  • Share your early payment terms with suppliers in your Viewpost network
  • Send early payment from anywhere at anytime on a web-enabled device, at the touch of a button
  • Automate early payments by setting maximum payouts per payment, supplier or day
  • Amaze your peers with frictionless savings and risk-free ROI

Savings Go Up, Cost Stays the Same

When you save by sending an early payment, Viewpost collects 30% of your total savings as a fee for making the opportunity possible. Here's the breakdown:

  • Let's say your supplier needs cash and agrees to a 2% discount on a $1,000 invoice if you pay 15 days early
  • Your savings is $20, with a savings fee of 30% totaling $6
  • You get a $13.50 savings (including a $0.50 electronic payment fee), and a stronger relationship with your trading partner

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