Account Payable Automation

Automation pays dividends.

Streamline Payment Management

Put your trust in the hands of hands-free routing, one-click approvals and data integration. It's efficiency that pays for itself.

  • Receive electronic invoices over the Viewpost® network and sync them to your accounting platform
  • Enter bills or sync them from your accounting software up to Viewpost
  • Automate workflows, approvals, data integration and payments
  • Say goodbye to time-consuming supplier calls
  • Minimize data entry and hand-keying errors
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Save on Bills and Optimize Returns

Now you can put excess cash to work for you—and your trading partners—by sending electronic payment early and on demand at a discount. More than ever, it pays to pay early.

  • Set up custom discount tables and assign them to approved invoices
  • Share your willingness to pay early across your Viewpost network of trading partners
  • Accept early payment requests from your supplier
  • Pay early, save and optimize returns when you have extra cash
  • Keep 70% of your total savings and pay Viewpost a 30% service fee
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Send Payments to Any Supplier in the U.S.

Send paper check or electronic payments securely at the touch of a button. It's the easiest payment you'll ever make.

  • Connect your company bank account to the secure Viewpost network
  • Send electronic payments for only $.50 a payment (of any amount)
  • Save time, money and trees

Share Electronic Payment Information

Eliminate time-consuming supplier phone calls by instantly posting all payment information at the touch of a button. Together, you can say goodbye to inefficiency.

  • Post electronic payment information securely for both paper or electronic payments
  • Auto-notify suppliers that payment information is available on the Viewpost network
  • Strengthen your business relationships with visibility, efficiency and security
  • Do all this at no cost to you or your suppliers

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