Viewpost Invoicing and Payments

Something big is happening for small business.

In partnership with U.S. Bank, we invite you to take control of your cash flow by exchanging electronic invoices and payments with your trading partners over the secure Viewpost® network.

Your Small Business, Our Network

We're talking real-time visibility into invoicing and payments, empowering you to take control of your cash flow. See for yourself.

  • Save with Free Invoicing

    Reduce the cost of invoicing and know when you’ll be paid. It's free digital invoicing, and free high fives.

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  • Streamline Payment Management

    We’re talking hands-free routing, one-click approvals and data integration. Think of it as giving efficiency a promotion.

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  • Make Secure Electronic Payments

    From the start, we've implemented bank-grade information security verified by trusted third parties. It's enterprise-level security, even for small businesses.

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  • Lower Costs with Electronic Checks

    Receive electronic deposits without a Viewpost fee, and send electronic payments for less than the price of check stock, envelopes and postage. See, even our pricing is cost efficient. Yep!

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